A drinking game for outdoor music festivals

Drink if you encounter…

  • cultural misappropriation (Indigenous headdresses, bindi, harem pants, etc.)
  • a dude in a tank top
  • a dude in no shirt at all
  • a contact high
  • a portapotty with toilet paper
  • a girl wearing cutoffs and cowboy boots (two drinks if tights are involved)

Take a shot if you come across…

  • a conversation containing “It’s all about the music for me”
  • a conversation containing “I just wanna DANCE!”
  • your ex
  • a barefoot person dancing
  • Rambo
  • a t-shirt from another outdoor music festival

Go to the bottle if…

  • you see more than one of your exes
  • a stranger succeeds in giving you a high five
  • a beach ball hits you in the head